Philips SPC900NC Cooling

Parts Required

Philips SPC900NC WebCam
Astro WebCam nose piece
Project Box (60mm x 40mm x 80mm)
3x 12mm M2 bolts
1x M2 Nut
1x M2 Washer
1x Toggle Switch
40mm 5v Fan
40mm Finger Guard

Modification Process

1. Remove focuser or nose piece from the WebCam

2. Remove the side covers of the WebCam - these are only stuck on.

3. Using a small screw driver push in the two clips on each side and open up the case

4. Now do the same for the grey insert

5. Disconnect the internal USB cable to remove the front part of the camera (Imaging boards)

6. Remove the two small screws (top and bottom of this image)

7. Now remove the two outer screws so you can separate the boards

8. Here I have tested an M2 bolt to ensure the thread is the same

9. Separate the boards

10. With in the back part of the case twist the USB cable 90 and remove through the hole

11. Mark the project box where you want to mount the fan - I've used the lid

12. Drill a pilot hole for the fan and drill 4 2.5mm hols for mounting the fan

13. Using a hole cutter cut a 38mm hole for the fan aperture

14. Mount the fan and fan guard

15. Drill a pilot hole for the WebCam lens mount bracket to go through

16. Next drill the hole for the lens mount bracket

17. Drill some vent holes to allow the air to escape, also drill holes for the switch, USB cable and 3 holes for mounting the WebCam boards

Note: I have drilled the vents at the opposite end to the fan but the same end as the WebCam thus forcing the air to pass over the imaging chips rather than just out the holes.

18. Install the switch and bottom webcam board

19. Connect up and solder the 5v Fan to the switch and the first and last pin of the USB connector (5v power)

20. Mount the top board on the bottom and connect the USB cable

21. Close and screw on the lid and your finished.

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