July 2014

With the British summer still in full swing and the nights still light till late I haven't been out with my telescope and probably won't get out at night until late August.

The Sun is shining

The sun was at it's highest on the 4th so I thought I'd have another go at solar imaging, at about 10:30 I set up my scope in the garden and got everything ready and attached the solar filter. Today was going to be the day when I giving my new MK2 focus controller it's first real run, I also wanted to use my new QHY5L-II camera.

MK2 Focuser QHY 5LII

I waited a short while for the sun to appear above the trees to the left of my garden, then I slewed my scope round a found it and quite quickly focused on a couple of sun spots. At this point I was using my SPC900NC but once I was happy with the tracking I switched to the QHY5L-III. I had some minor Issues with SharpCap2 but they were quickly resolved with a driver update for the QHY5L-II and the resolution was so much better than the SPC900NC.

Here are some of the images I captured and processed in RegiStax6

Sun Spots Sun Spots

Sun Spots Sun Spots

Sadly this was pretty much it for the month, but hey it's time to enjoy the Sun with the kids :o)

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