SkyWatcher EQ5 (GoTo)

SkyWatcher EQ5

4.5 stars

Vital Stats

Price: 509
Weight: 16.5kg (Counter Weights 5.2kg)
Load Weight: 9kg
Supplier: Astronomia


This mount is very smart looking with its white head and stainless steel tubular legs. It is sturdy and as most equatorial mounts moderately easy to align (if you take your time) and with the supplied polar scope alignment accuracy is greatly improved.

It is also available as a GoTo or the GoTo option can be added later if cost is an issue at first. In my opinion the GoTo option is needed as with higher magnification larger scopes objects will not stay in the FOV (field of view) for long and it is an absolute must for any kind of imaging.

SkyWatcher EQ5 GoTo upgrade kit

I have used this mount for both a SkyWatcher Explorer 200p and an Orion 80ED and in both cases the mount had been very stable with little to no flexing and it is very smooth in operation both with the GoTo option or without - using the slow-motion axis controls have a minimal amount of play. However it can be a little noisy when slewing at full speed but otherwise I've not had any issues. With the max load of just under 10kg a 200P with an attached EOS DSLR camera its pushing its max weight limit but ensuring it's balanced correctly i didn't have any problems.

Using software like Stellarium the GoTo option is very easy to connect to a computer/laptop, and with the addition of a guide camera and scope the mount can be easily guided to further improve the accuracy of the tracking again with the use of free software such as PHD.

Overall this is a good sturdy mount that is suitable for the beginner to moderate astronomer, the only drawback is its loading weight it would be easy to overload.

4.5 stars

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SkyWatcher 200P
SkyWatcher EQ5

Laser Collimate
PCB Etching

12v Laptop Power
EOS DC Power
Hartmann Mask
Scope Cooler
Solar Filter
SPC900NC Cooling
USB Focus Controller
Xbox WebCam



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